Tabung Haji Finally Declared Its Dividend

Don’t listen to rumours. Never trust gossip!
Perhaps, that’s the message Tabung Haji (TH) wanted to tell us.

Alhamdulillah. TH finally has announced its dividend few days ago.
Despite a more challanging economic environment and greater uncertainties, TH managed to report a positive results for its 2015 financial performance.

Frankly, my deposit contribution is very low or can be considered as negligible amount (compared to the total deposits that they have), but it does not mean i cannot put high expectation on TH…right? 🙂

As a ‘rakyat marhaen’ there’s nothing much to comment actually. Seriously, what more can we say?
Just hoping that TH will continue to retain the public’s trust, declare more and more dividend and improve its performance moving forward.
In shaa Allah. Aamiin.

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9 thoughts on “Tabung Haji Finally Declared Its Dividend”

    1. Betul tu. Saya melihatnya sebagai satu amanah dan keparcayaan…kerana di situ juga tempatnya duit dari hasil usaha dan pahit jerih orang melayu.
      Thanks MV 🙂

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